Welcome to Acme Driving School!

Acme Driving School helps adults and teenagers drive confidently and safely using their best judgment in all kinds of traffic. Our curriculum focuses on safe and defensive driving practices, with a constant emphasis on the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.
Pre-requisites: Teenager students must be under 19 and at least 15 years old and 6 months, Student must have a learner’s permit.


* Family run with over 60 Years Experience
* Certified by DMV to Teach Teens Under 19
* Special Attention to Nervous Students
* DMV Road test Waived for Teens Under 19
* Free Pick up & Drop off from Home, Work, or School
* Great Rates and Friendly Service
* 6 Days a week Monday – Saturday
* Licensed, Bonded, Insured

What’s Included:

  • 7 x 50 Minute Hours Driving
  • 7 x 50 Minute Hours Observing